Most other Kennels won’t allow me to walk my dog to the kennels when dropping off or collecting my pets, what is your policy?

At Nature’s Ark, you are welcomed to lead your dog, not to their Kennel but inside the enclosed area too.


Must I bring my own bowls when boarding my pets with Natures Ark?

We appreciate the thought but it’s not necessary as bowls of different sizes are available at Nature’s Ark when feeding.


The previous Kennels I used had 3 or 4 grass kennels and the remaining was all small concrete kennels. Are you’re the same?

We know that there are kennels that have both grass and concrete, but at Nature’s Ark all our Kennels are large grass kennels, which are maintained on a daily basis. We do not believe in concrete kennels or runs.


My German shepherd is not aggressive but does not like other dogs. Do you have fencing between your Kennels?

No we don’t have fencing between the kennels used for Medium, Large and X Large dogs. There is an 8 foot wall between all the kennels used for these breeds. Please see our front page of the website.


Who feeds my cat while at Nature’s Ark?

The Owner Stacey Lovell is the only one who will feed your Cat during its stay. This is so that she can monitor the animals for changes in appetite.


Who looks after the Kennels at night and over weekends?

Stacey and her family stay on the property adjoining the Kennels and Cattery. Stacey and her Family also clean and watch over the Kennels and Cattery at night and over the weekends. To Stacey, this is a 24/7 labour of love.


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