Boarding Requirements

  • All pets are to be Frontlined (or similar brand) or have their own tick and flea collar on, before checking into the facility.
  • No pets will be allowed in unless all vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • All vaccination cards /  paperwork, needs to be sent through to Nature’s Ark on day of booking and not on day of arrival.
  • For your cats safety, all cats to arrive and depart in cat boxes
  • For your Dogs safety, all dogs to arrive and depart on leads or in a harness

We are a very personalised Kennels and Cattery, and therefore all feeding activities are performed by the dedicated owner. No boarder is fed by the other staff members of Natures Ark. Stacey monitors your animals feeding habits during their stay and will quickly pick up any changes in appetite

Feeding for Cats
Should your cat eat a different brand of food as listed below, you will be required to bring your own.

  • Whiskers (cubes and pouches)
  • Felix (cubes and pouches)
  • Purina One
  • Fancy Feast Tins

Feeding for Dogs
Should your dog eat a different brand of food, you will be required to bring your own.

  • Alpo Full Course
  • Montego
  • Pedigree
  • Complete
  • Husky Tinned Food

Treats are only given to the pets, if allowed by you.

Animals on medication are more than welcome at no extra charge. Please compile a list of medication and daily dosage to be given to your pets. This list and medication must be handed to Stacey on arrival. She will then discuss the requirements with you. Once again, Stacey is the only person allowed to give any medication to the boarders.

Other Accessories
Beds, blankets, toys are supplied by Natures Ark. However, you are more than welcome to bring anything that might make your pets' stay more comfortable and relaxed.

Aggressive Dogs
Natures Ark will not accept any aggressive dogs at its facility. We would like make it clear that it’s the aggressive dog and not the breed of dog, that would be an issue. Please let Stacey know on booking what your dog’s temperament is, as we would like to keep a safe and harmonious environment for both boarders and our staff.

Get in touch

Telephone: 082 895 9509
Fax: 086 546 1226
Address: 82 Leopard Road, Benoni AH, Zesfontein